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BARON menswear 
By Garry Destin

Baron is handmade vanguard menswear.  Baron in the voodoo culture is the most powerful, the most handsome and the first man to die in a country or region. He is the first man buried in a cemetery. He is the master of life and death. He is the judge for the voiceless. His number is 13.


Baron Menswear

Wearing a Baron suit is wearing flawless garments with confidence.
The belt ornement (The Lion Face Man) as a sculptor,  Garry Destin the designer and scultptor was inspired by the gargoyles. The thoughts behind the scary pieces make them masterpieces.
As an artist who uses acrylic paint, he is also inspired by his own paintings. The fabrics instead of wool,  he uses silk to give the suits a flat and rough finish at the same time high fashion.

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