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Maximize Your Shopping Experience With Our Jacket-Buying Guide

Here's a quiz for you: what's the piece of clothing that can be used for layering and as protection from cold and wind? You are right if you think of jackets.

Jackets are worn as outerwear and make a versatile clothing item that can be worn during winter or spring or autumn. However, there are a lot of differences between a winter jacket and a summer jacket in terms of fabric, length, closure pattern, types, and more. While a winter jacket is typically made from fleece or wool, summer jackets have cotton, chiffon, or any lighter fabric. As far as type is concerned, there are several, from a buttoned-up jacket to a pullover and a hoodie.

With so many jackets available today, the wearers often get confused while styling them. Therefore, we wanted to help with a definitive styling guide for women to look their best in jackets.

How do you get the right fit?

No matter how expensive, a poor-fitting jacket can break down your complete look. Therefore, it is essential to get jackets in the correct size. The first step towards this goal is to consider your body type and try to ensure that the fabric doesn't look lumpy or too tight in any area.

A right-fit jacket usually has its seam lined up directly with the boniest part of your shoulder, offering comfort across the chest and back. The sleeves' length should be slightly down from the wrist to allow easy hand movements. The jacket's length depends mainly on the bottom wear that you're going to wear for an occasion.

Now that we know how to get the right fit jacket. Here are some popular types of jackets to choose from.

Buttoned-up Jacket

This jacket can be used both for winter and spring. The button closure feature allows the wearer to use it as a perfect layering for outfits. For instance, our buttoned-up silk jacket with pheasant and cocktail feathers can be used as party wear that can be worn with both skirts and trousers to make a statement piece. Since the jacket is a statement piece, you don't have to put extra effort into accessorizing, make-up, or other things.

  • Fleece

It is a lightweight jacket that is worn on casual occasions. This jacket is made of synthetic material, like polyester, which can keep you cozy on a cool-windy day. At first look, the outer part of the fleece jacket appears like sheep's wool. These jackets are puffier and softer to the touch, which is an excellent option for those seeking comfort.

  • Parka

Historically, the invention of the parka jacket is credited to Caribou Inuit. They have designed it to keep themselves warm in the Canadian arctic. It is a long structure, typically reaching the calf area, which features an oversized hoodie lined with faux fur around the hoodie's circumference. It is mainly worn in winter.

  • Trench Coats

Check out any celebrity's fall look; you will find trench coats common in each of them. Trench coats are an excellent layering and functional winter essential that can instantly elevate your look! It has an intense glam factor that can change even the basic outfit into the most thoughtful one.

  • Leather

Leather jackets have a fabric composition that can keep the wearer warm and prevent wind. This was why leather jackets were bikers' go-to uniform; however, today they are worn by anyone who wants protection during rugged outdoor activities.

  • Denim

Denim jackets are ideal breezy summer nightwear or can be used as a chic layer under a winter coat. Given the material it is made from, it is low-maintenance outerwear that adds to the jacket's popularity. Further, jeans can withstand resistance and don't get wrinkled quickly.

  • Cashmere

Cashmere is effective winter wear owing to its heat-retaining qualities. However, they are less bulkier than the traditional quilted or puffer winter jackets, and this makes an ideal winter wear option for people who don't like wearing baggy winter coats.

Final Words

This ends our list of popular jackets among women. Other jackets have secured their places in street fashion and red carpets like the bomber, quilted, and faux-fur jackets. It entirely depends on your aesthetics and need, to select and buy a jacket.

Browse our website to get your hands on high-quality jackets with contemporary designs and prints.

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