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Handbags & Good Looks Are Made for Each Other: 7 Ways to Incorporate It

Playing dress up begins at the age 5, and when it reaches a non-ending phase- it’s when daddy’s little princess is well-grown into an independent woman who can finance herself. As every gentleman says: Lady’s first, and it’s coming real when ladies do whatever it takes to embrace their better version. Dress up, showing up, and never giving up is the new normal!

The art of self-fashioning is a combination of dressing your best and carrying the right handbag.

Good looks and handbags are made for each other, and the amazing combination never fails to set a long-lasting impression. Believe it or not, the type of handbag you pick can make or break your look. If you’re exploring florida handbags, bother with colors and prints later. First, read this blog on choosing a handbag made for your body type and shape.

For Small, Petite Women

Think of scale; if you’re small and petite, an oversized bag won’t complement your frame. Make sure you pick a small to medium size handbag that is equipped with a short or mid-length strap. PS: Bags with longer straps will draw the eye downwards and make you look shorter. Note that wider bags won’t be the best bet either; they will make you look shorter. If you want to make your torso look longer, go for bags that are vertically elongated.

For Tall, Thin Women

Maintain your distance from boxy, structured bags, and choose slouchy ones that go well with your body contour. Remember: Bags that are too wide, too big, or too small won’t appeal to your body shape. Also, bags with very short straps will make you look even taller.

For Curvy or Plus-size Women

Again, proportion takes center stage. If you’re curvy or plus-size, a small bag will only make you look even larger. However, don’t go for huge bags that are round and slouchy, as they will add weight to your hips and thighs. Invest in medium-sized structured bags that lay flat against your body.

For Pear-Shaped Women

Avoid slouchy bags, especially the ones that fall on your hips. They will only draw unnecessary attention to your hips and thighs and add girth to your body. Go for structured bags that wrap themselves above your hips.

For Apple-Shaped Women

If you are wider around your bust and waist, small handbags and those with short straps will work against your body shape. To draw attention away from the bust or waist- choose a slightly wide, structured bag that solves the purpose.

For Hourglass-Shaped Women

If you have well-proportioned hips and shoulders with a clearly-defined waist, go for bags that sync in with your natural waistline or below your hips. You can choose from medium-sized hobo bags, totes, or crossbody bags, and you’re all set to flaunt your curves!

For Rectangle-Shaped Women

If your shoulders, waist, and hips are the same in size, you need a handbag that creates an illusion of curves. Avoid bags that fall by or below your hips; bags that sit under the arm or ones that rest by your natural waistline will complement your body type.

Final Thoughts

Looks matter, and it is highly influenced by how we carry ourselves! When choosing the right outfit, make sure you pick florida handbags that bring out the best in you.

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